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Ask the expert – Cash For Kilowatts

Want to hear first-hand from one of the experts on how energy efficiency upgrades can benefit your business? We sat down with Vashnie, our Energy Services Engineer to discuss all things Cash For Kilowatts and energy efficiency upgrades


  • Can you explain what Cash For Kilowatts is to a customer from a non-technical background?

Cash for Kilowatts is a post installation grant offered by Energia for energy savings achieved on energy conservation measures implemented on an existing facility. We provide the client with support throughout the grant process and offer Measurement and Verification assistance. The grant is a one off payment based upon the kWh saved per annum. To be eligible for the grant, each business must contact us prior to carrying out any upgrades.


  • How does Cash For Kilowatts benefit a business?

The grant helps to reduce the payback period of the implementation of the energy conservation measure. Through the measurement and verification process, businesses can see the direct results of their investment.


  • What is the easiest / simplest / most effective upgrade a customer should consider as their starting point?

Upgrades really do depend on the business and their processes. If a building requires an upgrade, it is always best to get a professional in to assess what the simplest upgrade would be. It usually depends on the life cycle of the equipment that has been installed. Upgrading old inefficient equipment is usually a good place to start.


  • Do small upgrades make a difference?

Small upgrades make a difference over time. The savings over a period will make a difference cumulatively. Not only is there an immediate change in consumption but that change will continue to help the building/process be more efficient.


  • Why should my business consider an upgrade?

We all have a duty to reach our net-zero targets and every upgrade leads us closer to that goal. Upgrades not only make your building/processes more efficient, but they also reduce running costs.


  • How easy is the Cash For Kilowatts process for a business?

The process is simple, we engage with each business prior to the energy conservation measures being implemented. During this meeting we establish our measurement and verification plan. The client then updates us once the works are commissioned and we then complete the savings calculations and submit the application to the SEAI. We offer continuous support throughout the process.


  • How much could a business save by using Cash For Kilowatts?

The reward of Cash for Kilowatts is directly proportional to the investment made. The more you save the more beneficial Cash for Kilowatts will be.


  • What are the most common sources of energy inefficiency / wasted consumption?

Inefficiencies can come from a few different places in a building. The most common source is ineffective insulation and windows/doors not being sealed correctly. Another frequently occurring inefficiency is incorrect time schedule running plant and equipment when the process is not required, or the building is unoccupied.


  • Any trends / innovations in energy efficiency in the last few years?

There has been a lot of development around heat pumps and the various ways they can be used to reduce consumption. We have started to see some interesting uses for them in the process and manufacturing industries.

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