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What is Smart Metering?
FEBRUARY 17 2021
What is Smart Metering?

Smart meters are the next generation of electricity meters. A smart meter is an electronic device used for reading gas and electricity consumption in real-time, thereby allowing customers to improve their energy efficiency and to reduce costs.

Each day, normally around midnight, your meter will send ESB Networks the total amount of electricity consumed over the previous 24-hour period. This reading will be used to provide information to support customer billing, customers switching suppliers and moving premises. Find out the advantages of smart meters.

The meter will also record a more detailed breakdown of the electricity consumed in up to 30-minute periods. However, this information will only leave your home if you request it. To ensure the meter is working properly, the meter will also occasionally send ESB Networks diagnostic information about the meter itself.

Smart meters will replace older mechanical meters. When fully functioning, smart meters will bring benefits to the consumer, the environment and the economy. With smart meters, there will be no need for estimated bills, and you will be able to access the information you need to make more informed choices about your consumption and tariffs. Accurate information about energy usage across the day will allow you to manage your bills with greater accuracy.

The environment will benefit because smart metering will encourage energy efficiency, enabling an increase in renewable power on the electricity system. The upgrade programme will help to reduce CO2 emissions thus lowering Ireland’s costly dependency on fossil fuel imports.


Smart Meters Ireland:

Customers will be notified in advance by ESB Networks when they are in their area and commencing smart meter installation. ESB Networks have ensured that they will give everyone plenty of notice.
If you have any questions about the rollout of smart meter in Ireland, the best contact is to reach out to ESB smart meters where they have designated resources to provide information about the benefits, how it will affect and how to request a smart meter in Ireland.