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Cash for Kilowatts: Carrig Brewery

James Dunne of Carrig Brewery embarked on the Cash for Kilowatts scheme in 2014 with a view to saving a penny here and there on his refrigeration costs and reducing their carbon footprint. Making small batch craft beer isn’t easy – beer gives off heat as it ferments and brews, so the whole mixture needs to be kept cool so it can stay drinkable and delicious.

Cash for Kilowatts is Energia’s scheme to assist businesses in becoming more energy efficient – Energia provides grants of up to 30% for lighting, refrigeration, heating, compressors, drives and motors for businesses across the island of Ireland. It was the perfect fit for the budding brewery.

Using their brand new refrigeration unit, installed and funded by Energia, Carrig Brewery has saved over 20,000 kilowatt hours, a whopping 35% of their energy costs.

They’ve used the money they saved on their energy costs on capital investments, helping them extend their business further and employ more people.

If you want to hear more about the Cash for Kilowatts scheme, click here.
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