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Energia launches national ‘Power Behind Your Power’ campaign
DECEMBER 31 2018
Energia, Ireland’s fastest growing energy provider and the home of Ireland’s cheapest dual fuel bundle, has launched its ‘Power Behind Your Power’ communications campaign.

The company is investing €3 million in the marketing campaign which, as it enters its twentieth year, will illustrate to the public the important role Energia plays in Irish life. Today, Energia provides the power for all of Ireland’s streetlights as well as supplying maternity hospitals, Dublin Bus, An Garda Siochana, thousands of classrooms and businesses of all sizes.
The ‘Power Behind Your Power’ concept was born from an insight that most people are not aware of the actual scale of Energia, its history as an energy provider and presence in communities all across Ireland.
The campaign will consist of a national TV ad created by Boys + Girls as well as radio, print and digital advertising content, and other marketing activities designed to communicate the following across all public audiences:

  • Scale: Energia is an established energy provider in Ireland and bigger than most people realise.
  • Commitment: Energia has to date invested over €1 billion in the energy market, including €500 million in two power stations with the capacity to provide 20% of Ireland’s electricity requirements. Energia has also for the past 5 years supplied 100% renewable energy to communities across Ireland, and currently provides around 25% of Ireland’s total wind power.
  • Value: Energia provides customers with the best duel fuel bundle.
Geoff Codd, Head of Marketing and Retail Development Energia, commented; “This is an important campaign for us, as it marks a significant milestone for our business. We are now entering our twentieth year serving customers all over Ireland and in that time we have grown to become an established and significant provider in the market. Today we supply approximately 25% of Ireland’s total energy and 25% of the country’s total wind power.  We support over 200,000 homes, over 58,000 businesses, as well as public sector bodies, essential services, community services and charitable organisations. The new campaign shows how we enable people to enjoy every day and special moments in their lives.”
“We have invested significantly, drawing on thoughtful insights from our agency partners and extensive consumer research to inform the strategic and tactical campaign activity. We are committed to communities all across Ireland, so this campaign represents an evolution of Energia as an energy provider and a brand that will continue to invest in to the future.”
Supplying power all across Ireland for over 20 years, the campaign is designed to illustrate the scale of Energia in Ireland, its commitment to communities at a national and local level, and value to customers.