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Understanding your bill

Watch our bill explainer video to understand more about your gas and electricity bills.

If you still need help, contact us below.
Energy bills can be confusing..
But we’re here to help break it down for you with this short guide to the key information that is included on your bill and what it means for you and your home.

How your bill is calculated:

Your electricity or gas meter records the amount of energy your home has used. ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland will read your meter four times per year and share the readings with us to calculate your bill. Outside of these times, we may ask you to provide us with a meter reading to ensure your bill is kept accurate and to avoid estimate readings.

If you have a Smart Meter your meter readings will be automatically sent to the network operators and shared with us to calculate your bill.

How you will be billed:

If you have registered for an Energia online account, you will receive your bill online. We will email you to let you know when you have new bill available to view and you can simply log into your online account either on web or via our free smartphone app, to see your latest bill, account balance and the option to download a copy of your bill (and any bill within your account, up to two years).

If you have not yet registered for an Energia online account, you will receive your bills by post.

Your electricity & gas bills:

Electricity and gas are billed separately so, if you’re a Dual Fuel customer, you will receive two separate bills one for electricity and one for gas and each will be paid separately. These bills may not arrive together at the same time and this is normal, don’t worry. 

Your electricity and gas bill information

Your bill will contain two pages of information and it Is important that you review both pages to ensure everything is up to date and as expected.

Page 1:

- a summary of your current account balance;
- account balance before,
- cost of your bill,
- new account balance.
If your account is currently in credit you will see the letter ‘CR’.

Page 2:

- indicates a breakdown of your usage, showing the costs in more detail. If your bill amount has been calculated based on an estimate meter reading you'll see the letter ‘E’ in your bill.

If you spot something that doesn’t seem right, check out our Help & Support centre for helpful answers to many billing queries or contact us if you need to chat to our billing team.


What to look for on your bill

Page 1:

In the top right-hand corner, you will find most of the key account information which includes:

1. Your account number:
This is your Energia account number which identifies your electricity or gas account. You may wish to make note of this number as it will be required should you need to contact us or if you would like to register for an Energia online account.
2. Your MPRN or GPRN:
Your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) of GPRN (Gas Meter Point Reference Number) identifies your meter connection with ESB Network or Gas Networks Ireland and these numbers will be unique to your home
3. Billing period & due date:
Your billing period dates relate to the time which you are now being billed for. The due date is the date which you must pay your bill by.

If you are a Level Pay customer, you don’t need to take any action as the cost of your bills will be covered within your monthly direct debit payments which are collected automatically on the due date indicated on your bill.
4. Bill invoice number:
Each bill has its own invoice number to reference.
5. Tariff:
This indicates the current Energia energy plan which you are being bill 

Page 2:

This is the more detailed itemisation of the costs which make up your final bill amount.  When a price change comes into effect, customer bills will show a breakdown of usage and charges on the old rates and the new rates.
For example, if there is a price change scheduled for the 07 October some of your bill will be calculated using the old rate; this will be based on the number of days before the 07 October and the remainder of your bill will be calculated using the new rate from the 07 October onwards. 

Bill details:

Your meter reading at the start of the billing period and the meter reading at the end of the billing period.

The number of units you have used during the billing period.

Transaction summary will include:

The standing charge

Which is a standard cost of supplying your energy.

Any discounts

Any discounts – Depending on your plan you may receive online billing or promotional discounts

The cost of units used

Your energy and usage during the billing period and VAT & the final bill amount

Check out our guide to the range of bill payment options available to you.