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What is 100% Renewable Electricity in Ireland?

Renewable energy is made from solar, wind, biomass, hydropower or other renewable sources. 100% Renewable Electricity means we match every unit of electricity used by Energia customers with a guaranteed green unit of electricity. 

We do this through Guarantee of Origin certificates (GoO). Guarantee of Origins are digital proof of renewable energy purchases. They provide transparency on the type and origin of the energy produced. They act as green stamps, guaranteeing the generation of Renewable energy. 

This graph shows how the Guarantee of Origin scheme works in Ireland and Europe: 

What this means for our customers

Every year, we work out our customers' energy demand from the grid. Then we make sure we invest in an equal amount of renewable energy to match this need. We do this through out wind farms, solar farms, other renewable generators as well as GoOs. 

Our annual Fuel Mix Disclosures breaks down all our sources of energy, so you can see where your electricity comes from: 

 Supplier Fuel Mix Disclosure

Applicable period: January 2022 – December 2022

Electricity supplied has been sourced from the following fuels: 

 Electricity supplied by Energia   (Ireland)

Average for all Island Market (for comparison)


% of total

% of total




 Natural Gas
















Environmental Impact


CO2 Emissions

0 g/kwh


Or click here to review the latest CRU Fuel Supplier Mix Report for statistics and information. 

Where does my renewable electricity come from?

When you turn on the kettle or take a shower, it is impossible to say that you are using renewable energy in that moment. This is because your energy comes from the national grid which pools energy from all sources. 

This is how the system works. But we want our customers to know where their energy is being sourced from and to make this as sustainable as possible. This is why we buy Guarantee of Origins that certify the energy used is from a renewable source. 

We also invest in renewable generation, and generate electricity from wind, solar and other sustainable sources across Ireland. Although we can't verify the source of energy used at a particular moment, we can confirm all your electricity plan goes towards funding sustainable projects and green generation across the grid. 

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