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Energia's Rugby Survey
AUGUST 29 2023
With excitement around the men’s Irish rugby team at fever pitch, we decided to survey our customers on all things rugby.

The results from the survey have highlighted the special place that rugby holds in the hearts of the Irish and their high hopes for a successful rugby game.  

Our survey sought to understand the level of support for the Irish rugby team among the Irish population.  

We haven’t always been used to masses of success when it comes to our sporting teams with the exception of a few Olympic sports, but it’s safe to say that the Irish are backing their team as almost three-quarters (74%) of people surveyed believe Ireland will get to at least the semi-finals and 44% believe they’ll go all the way.  

Energia Rugby Survey results ahead of the games in France

When it comes to public support, over 50% of people in 11 counties believe Ireland will win:    

County % that think Ireland will win  
Donegal 64%
Carlow 60%
Louth 60%
Leitrim 60%
Wexord 57%
Cavan 54%
Laois 53%
Tipperary 53%
Limerick 50%
Sligo 50%
Wicklow 50%


Whilst Rugby hasn’t always been the leading sport in Ireland, 31% now state it’s their favourite sport meaning it’s now taken over from football (27%), Gaelic Football (23%), and Hurling/Camogie (19%). A huge 61% of people surveyed are planning on watching the rugby game and will be cheering on Ireland, hopefully all the way to the final.  

Although the sport has grown vastly in popularity, a surprising 15% didn’t know the rugby game was happening this year, perhaps they’ll be “converted” if Ireland takes the win.  

Speaking about the country's love for the sport, Ross O’Mullane, Head of Digital at Energia Group - said: “In a country where rugby has grown massively in popularity during recent years, it’s become not just sport but a way of life, these survey results underline the deep connection that exists between Irish people and their national team. The potential for an Irish victory, long a dream of fans across the nation, holds the promise of uniting the country in a wave of celebration and joy.”  

Not only are the Irish filled with hope of an Irish victory, but more than half (52%) are in favour of a public holiday to celebrate.  

Although rare, it’s not unheard of for a Government to declare a national holiday to celebrate sporting success. Notable examples from history include:  

  • After the victory of Uruguay over Argentina in the 1930 FIFA World Cup, the next day was declared a holiday in Uruguay.  

  • Following the first victory of India in the Cricket World Cup in 1983, the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi declared a public holiday.  

  • In 2016, the Prime Minister of Fiji announced a public holiday, following Fiji's win in rugby sevens which gave the country its first-ever gold medal at the Olympics.  

 “The idea of a public holiday to mark such a historic achievement resonates strongly with over half of the respondents. Furthermore, the results show if the team goes as far as we all hope we could have a few more Johnnys, Bundees, and Keiths running around in the not-so-distant future," Ross added.   

As the official energy partner of Leinster, Energia remains committed not only to powering homes and businesses but also to fuelling the nation's passion for sports. The survey's results serve as a testament to the enduring spirit that binds Irish people, together standing tall, shoulder to shoulder, for their love for rugby and their hopes for a triumphant campaign in France.  

Energia is committed to supporting Irish rugby from grassroots to international level.  We're the proud title sponsor of the Energia AIL and Official Energy Partner of both Leinster Rugby and the IRFU.  

Energia Park plays host to a full spectrum of rugby activity, from schools cups to local club games, Ireland Women's Internationals and everything in between. Find out more about our rugby partnerships.