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Energia's Moving Home Checklist
JULY 30 2020
Energia's Moving Home Checklist

There's so much to organise and remember when you're moving house. That’s why we've made this handy checklist to help you keep on top of everything, from finding a moving company to packing a bag for the first night in your new home.

We’ll show you what to do, who to tell and when, starting two months before moving day – as well as tips for how to make the day itself run as smoothly as possible. Then it’s time to start enjoying your new home!


Moving Home Checklist:


2 Months Before You Move:


- Professional movers or DIY? Whether you’re going to hire a professional moving company or call on your friends and family to help, now’s the time to decide. Get a quote and get booked in / give your friends plenty of warning so they can lend a hand.

- Pick a day. And remember to book the time off work. Friday’s are often the best – giving you the whole weekend to get organised.

- Begin decluttering. Remember to reduce, reuse and recyle!

- Moving far away? If you have kids, start taking a look at schools in your new area. And keep in mind that you may need to find a new GP/dentist.

- Currently renting? Give your landlord a call to let them know your moving date.


1 Month Before You Move:


- Source your moving boxes. You can use suitcases and any containers you find lying around your house to cut down on the number of cardboard boxes you need. Remember to stock up on tape, scissors and markers too.

- Make an inventory. Keep track of all your belongings and make unpacking that little bit easier by knowing what’s in each box.

- Start packing. Any non-essential items can be packed away now to save on time and stress later.

- Spread the word. Let these people know you’ll be moving soon: banks, insurance, car registration, Revenue, workplace, schools, medical centres, An Post, subscriptions (newspapers, magazines, food etc.)

- Get your utilities sorted. We’ll make moving your power quick and easy. Just follow the steps in our Moving Out and Moving In Guides and we’ll take care of the rest. And don’t forget to let your broadband and landline providers know you’ll be switching address.  

- Don’t lose your vote. If you’re moving to a new council jurisdiction, remember to register to vote there.

- Clear out the fridge. And the freezer. Use up as much food as you can before moving day.


2 Weeks Before You Move:


- Keep packing! There are definitely some more bits and pieces that can be packed away at this stage.

- Deep clean your home. Either book a cleaning company or put on some rubber gloves and do it yourself – leaving your home fresh and clean for its new owners.

- What have you borrowed? Check and then double check that there are no library books lying around the house or anything belonging to your neighbours before you leave.

- Got little ones? If you’ve got young children (or a pet or 2) find someone to look after them to help keep stress levels down on moving day.


1 Week Before You Move:


- (Nearly) finish packing. At this stage you can pack away everything bar the essentials.

- Keep your documents safe. Tuck your passports, birth certs and any other important documents safely away in a folder.

- Get in touch with the movers (or your friends). And remind them of the day and time.

- Don’t forget your new keys. Contact the estate agent to arrange a time to pick them up.

- Say goodbye. To your neighbours, your local coffee shop, and of course your old home.


24 Hours Before You Move:


- Do a final check. Go over your old place one more time to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

- Get some snacks. Do a quick food shop to make sure you have everything you need to keep your energy levels up on the day.

- Finish packing. The final box should contain scissors, a box cutter, pens and anything else you need to start unpacking the boxes when you arrive.

- Pack a bag of essentials. Basically everything you’ll need for that first night in your new home – bedlinen, pyjamas, toiletries, phone charger etc.

- Get some rest. Try get to bed early. Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day!


It’s Moving Day!


- Do a final final check. Sweep through the place one more time and make sure all your appliances are switched off.

- Greet the movers. And confirm that they have the correct delivery address.

- Lock up. And say a final goodbye.

- Make your way to your new home!


Welcome to your new home:


- Unpack the essentials. Everything you’ll need for the first night. And make up the beds before you get too tired!

- Check your inventory. And make sure all the boxes have arrived.

- Check the plug sockets. Make sure they’re all working and then plug in the fridge/freezer.

- Remember to eat. See what your new neighbourhood has to offer.

- And finally…sleep!

Moving home is easy with Energia. Switch your account to your new address here.