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Energia signs up to Energy Engage Code
OCTOBER 19 2023
Energia has committed to never disconnecting an engaging customer.
19th October 2023

Irish energy suppliers have launched a revamped voluntary code  to ensure domestic energy customers stay connected to their energy supply. The Energy Engage Code sets out how suppliers will help and support customers to manage their energy bills. 
The Energy Engage Code is a coordinated industry-led approach and aims to encourage customers to communicate with their supplier, who will tell you about the supports available. The key principle underpinning the code is a firm commitment by suppliers that they will never disconnect an engaging customer. 
With today’s launch of The Energy Engage Code, Energia is making the following five key promises to Customers:   
1.    To help, no matter what your circumstances, as long as you actively engage with us. 
2.    To take the time to explain all the options available to help you manage your energy costs. 
3.    If you’re not in arrears but are concerned about your bills, we promise we will offer you: 
         •    guidance and support on how to manage your bills 
         •    information on energy efficiency measures. 

If you’re in arrears, we promise we will find a solution for debt that  works for you and us. 

4.    To give you information about other agencies who can also support you, and ways to contact them. 
5.     If you engage with us actively and genuinely, we promise we will not 
disconnect you. 
In addition to this commitment, we are integrating these enhanced measures into all debt management processes including improved communications with customers and support agencies and a range of debt management and repayment options.   
Dara Lynott, Chief Executive of the Electricity Association of Ireland (EAI), the representative body for electricity generators, suppliers and network operators in Ireland, comments: 
“From time to time and for a variety of reasons some electricity and gas customers experience difficulty in paying their bills. Energy suppliers aim to help their customers, and in particular those in arrears, by providing them with the appropriate support they need to manage their energy use and costs.  These efforts have already resulted in a significant reduction in electricity and gas disconnections.  However, as an industry we believe that customers need more assistance when they are concerned about paying their bills.  
“The Energy Engage Code brings customer engagement by suppliers to a new level through a coordinated industry-led approach to assist customers in arrears and at risk of disconnection. With today’s launch of the enhanced Engage Code, Irish energy suppliers are further demonstrating their clear commitment to work together with their customers in bringing arrears and disconnections to the lowest level possible. The key principle underpinning this is a firm commitment by suppliers that they will never disconnect an engaging customer.”  
Download the Energy Engage Code.