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March 2021 - Energia Price Announcement
MARCH 05 2021
Energia Price Announcement
While we did reduce our residential gas and electricity prices in June of last year and introduced a further price freeze to Spring of this year, this increase is unavoidable due to increasing external wholesale market and network costs.
Electricity customers will see an increase of 8.6% on their bill. For the average customer this will mean an increase of €1.97 per week. Energia gas customer bills will increase by 5.7% or an average of €0.93 per week. The increase for dual fuel customers will be 7.4% or an average of €2.90 per week.
Andy Meagher, Director ROI Customer Solutions said: “At Energia, we continuously monitor wholesale electricity and gas prices to ensure we can deliver the best value to our customers. In line with this commitment, we announced a price reduction in 2020 across electricity and gas, and kept our prices frozen until the Spring of this year. As well as delivering the best value possible we were also aware of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities. In our efforts to support households, disconnections were suspended during the lockdown and we have proactively worked with customers who may be experiencing financial difficulty. While increases at this time are unfortunately unavoidable, we remain committed to providing the best value and care to our customers.