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October 2020 - Energia Price Announcement
OCTOBER 08 2020
Energia Price Announcement
After such an unusual year, it’s easy to forget the usual challenges that winter brings. With more of us than ever working from home, Energia are here to help you keep safe and save energy and money this winter. Unlike some of our competitors, we promise not to increase our standard unit rate energy prices this winter. Our best-value fuel prices mean you can keep your home as cosy as ever while staying cool about your bill.
We will be freezing our prices for residential customers until January 31st 2021, which means our customers are guaranteed not to have any increase in their energy bills during the colder winter months. As well as freezing our prices we can also confirm that no disconnections will take place during the current six-week lockdown period. We know that for some of our customers the current circumstances may present challenges.  As we always have done, we’ll continue to work with any customers who may be in arrears on an individual and entirely sensitive basis. Disconnection is always a last resort for Energia and we encourage customers in difficulty to engage with our dedicated customer care team by entering into a payment plan appropriate to their circumstances
Now more than ever, in these unsettled times it’s nice to be able to offer some reassurance to you. This price freeze applies to all our 100% green home energy plans. With more people being at home during the day our customers can have double peace of mind knowing they won’t be damaging their pockets or the planet.