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Understanding Your Energia Bill
Understanding Your Energia Bill

If you have trouble understanding your Energia energy bill, don’t worry, you’re not alone! The main things you need to know are that you’ll receive your Energia bill every two months, which we will bill you for the electricity or gas units you have used during the billing period based on meter readings from ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland, and depending on when you joined Energia, your first billing period may be slightly shorter or longer.

Electricity and gas are billed separately in line with the meter reading cycles of ESB Networks and Gas Networks Ireland.  So, if you’re a Dual Fuel customer, you will receive two separate bills and each payment will be taken separately.

If there hasn’t been a meter reading done recently, we will estimate your usage based on previous bills. You can help to ensure your bill is more accurate by providing us with a meter reading yourself.
You can access your bill information at any time using our Energy Online account service.

Your Energia Energy Bill Information:


The main information your Energia Energy bill will include is:

1. Your account number:

This is your Energia account number. Always quote this number when contacting Energia.

2. To ask about this bill:

Please contact us at 0818 405 405 with your account query.

3. MPRN:

Your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) identifies your connection to the ESB Network and it’s unique to your home. You’ll need to quote your MPRN if you call ESB Networks with a query.

4. Invoice Number:

Each bill has its own invoice number to reference.

5. Tariff:

The Energia Energy Plan you are currently on.

6. Bill Summary:

Billing period, date of the bill, payment due date, account balance, average daily use, your meter readings and more.
Hopefully this quick guide has helped you understand your bill, but if you would like more information, you can watch our quick video below.