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What is Solar Energy?


Create your own green, renewable energy for your home with solar panels. Solar power is the energy converted from sunlight into usable electricity.

Sunlight is harnessed directly through the use of solar panels, which are made up of a transparent photovoltaic (PV) glass as well as PV cells which are responsible for converting sunlight into electricity.

Sunlight can also be harnessed as thermal energy through the use of concentrators and reflectors. Thermal energy can be used for heating homes during cold weather or for heating water in place of traditional gas boiler and immersion systems.

There are many advantages to using solar energy such as it reduces the dependency on fossil fuels which are being depleted, solar PVs require very little maintenance and they cause no greenhouse gases to be omitted once installed. Energia also provide SEAI grants to help with the installation. 

How to Install Solar Panels


Fill in our solar panel enquiry form and request a callback. 


A certified representative from our Cosy Homes Scheme will call you to discuss your needs and provide you with more information about solar PV in Ireland. 


We will handle the entire process from beginning to end including safety tests and solar panel grants.  

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