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Estimated Annual Bill

The Estimated Annual Bill is a simple and easy-to-understand indicator for consumers to assist them in understanding electricity bills.

It is an estimate of the electricity and gas bill for the average household in Ireland for a year. It includes all energy-related charges such as the Standing Charge and PSO Levy for electricity, as well as the Standing Charge and Carbon Tax for gas. It does not include non-energy related items such as loyalty points.
View individual Average Electricity Bills or EABs for our various energy plans here.

What is the Average Consumption of Electricity & Gas?

The Estimated Annual Bill is based on the expected average consumption for one year. These figures are approved and published by the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU). The CRU’s mission is to protect the public interest in Water, Energy and Energy Safety. Their work impacts every Irish home and business, by ensuring safe, secure and sustainable energy and water supplies at a reasonable cost. The current average consumption for electricity and gas bills are:

  • Electricity 4,200kWh

  • Gas 11,000kWh

Please note that your personal usage may vary.

For electricity, the Estimated Annual Bill amount also takes into account the following information:​

Is your meter Urban or Rural?

To see if you are on an urban or rural residential standing charge, you can check your electricity bill. You should see either DG1 (for urban customers) or DG2 (for rural customers) at the top right-hand corner of your bill.
Is your meter 24 Hour or Day/Night?

Each meter has a code that is used to identify the type of meter. The most common meter codes include:

  • MCC01: 24 Hour meter

  • MCC02: Day/Night meter

This information can be found on the front page of your electricity and gas bill.

Do you have Night Storage Heating?

If you have this type of meter, the Estimated Annual Bill calculation should assume that 50% of your household’s electricity is consumed by Night Storage heating. It’s only available to customers who heat their homes with electricity.

How is an Average Electricity Bill or EAB Calculated?

The Estimated Annual Bill uses the average consumption figures for electricity and gas, as shown, and applies this to the relevant energy unit rate. The Estimated Annual Bill will also include:

  • PSO Levy (for Electricity)

  • Carbon Tax (for Gas)

  • Standing Charges (both Electricity & Gas)

  • Pay as you Go Charge (Pay as you go meters only)

  • 13.5% VAT

Remember that the EAB doesn’t include non-energy related items such as loyalty points, so bear this in mind when making calculations. This ensures you are getting the best energy deal for your household.
Terms & Conditions

Estimated Annual Bill Examples:


EAB Electricity = Unit Rate x 4,200kWh per annum & includes the following;

+ PSO per annum
+ Standing Charge per annum
+ Pay as you Go Charge (Pay as you go meters only)
+ 13.5% VAT 


EAB Gas = Unit Rate x 11,000kWh per annum & includes the following;

+ Carbon Tax per annum
+ Standing Charge per annum
+ Pay as you Go Charge (Pay as you go meters only)
+ 13.5% VAT 


EAB Dual Fuel = EAB Electricity (point 1) + EAB Gas (point 2)