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Energia is proud to be the longest supplier of green electricity in Ireland.

To help our customers reduce their impact on the environment and lead a more sustainable life, our electricity price plan was established as a way to build a better future. With 40 wind farms in locations across the country, 23% of Ireland’s wind electricity is supplied by Energia.


Why Choose Energia as a Renewable Energy Company?


  • We are leaders in our field and we want to continue to lead. 

  • We’re also engaged in a wide range of projects including bio-energy, energy storage and solar energy.

  • Through our strategic initiatives and investments, we are taking action to address the challenges of energy provision in a world that is grappling with climate change.

  • We're expanding our interests in renewable energy by investing in offshore wind farms and solar projects. This will create even more sustainability throughout our business and onwards to our customers.

Further below, check out the Energia Group Renewables Map to see the projects we have on the island of Ireland that are helping Ireland to reach its Climate Action targets by 2030.


How can we confidently stand by our green credentials?


Click here to review the latest CRU Fuel Supplier Mix Report for statistics and information.


Some Green Facts About Energia

Renewable and Green

Renewable and Green

Energia is proud to have supplied renewable electricity in Ireland for the longest period of time. These figures can be reviewed in the CRU's Fuel Mix Reports for 2014 – 2022.

Investing Big in Ireland

Launched Positive Energy Investment in 2019, aiming to invest €3B in renewable energy in Ireland, creating 200 jobs

Investing Big in Ireland

Green Energy Supplier Awards Winner

For two years running now, Energia have picked up the Winner's Trophy for Green Energy Provider at the Green Energy Awards - 2019 and 2020.

Unique Renewable Energy Products

First energy supplier in Ireland to launch a Smart Battery with Solar PV product trial, utilising the Eirgrid infrastructure.

Unique Renewable Energy Products
Acquired two solar farms

Acquired two solar farms

Energia Group have two new solar farms in development in Meath to power 9K homes initially, with a view to eventually power 58K homes.

We Get Ireland Growing

This yearly campaign encourages community gardens and gardeners to grow their own produce thus reducing waste.

We Get Ireland Growing


What is green electricity?

Green energy (or renewable energy) comes from resources that can’t be depleted over time. Examples include wind power, solar energy, and hydropower. On the other hand, non-renewable energy (such as gas) is limited and will eventually run out. 

What percentage of Ireland’s electricity is produced from renewable sources?

Despite the growing number of renewable energy options available, Ireland still heavily relies on the use of fossil fuels as a source of energy. In 2020, Ireland's overall renewable energy share was 13.5% with renewable electricity accounting for 69% of this. 

What are renewable sources of electricity?

The most common renewable sources of electricity include:

- Solar energy
- Wind energy
- Geothermal energy
- Hydropower
- Tidal energy
- Bioenergy 

Energia Group Renewables Map

Find out where all our green energy is produced. Click on the map to view the location

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