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Using Irish on Facebook

Using Irish on Facebook

You can change your language setting to Irish, take part in Irish-language groups on Facebook like Gaeilge Amháin, post in Irish on your group's Facebook page, or post in Irish on your own page.

Using Irish on Twitter

Change your language setting to Irish, join the conversation using the hashtags #Gaeilge & #Gaeltacht, and take part in the Irish Social Media Day.

l Using Irish on Twitter
Using Irish on Instagram

Using Irish on Instagram

Follow Irish-language accounts like Raidió Rí-Rá, Seachtain na Gaeilge and Conradh na Gaeilge, Take photos of Irish language signs, and keep your captions in Irish.

Using Irish on Snapchat

Follow Irish-language accounts like CnaGaeilge and TG4TV, check for Irish-language filters on your photos, and use the #Gaeilge hashtag on pictures.

l Using Irish on Snapchat

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