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Moixa Smart Battery and Solar PV

Energia Customer Trial

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Once you complete the form below, your responses will be sent to our Energy Services team for review.

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Is the house a protected structure? (A protected structure is a structure that a planning authority considers to be of special interest from an architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social or technical point of view.):

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Do you already have solar on your house?:

What is the annual electricity consumption of the house?:

Do you have an existing day/night meter?:

Do you have space for a 70x50x20cm battery (Approx. size of A1 sheet of paper):

Does your home have a broadband connections?:

Do you drive an Electric Vehicle?:

If you are selected and it's found that there are additional remedial works required, such as changes to your roof to enable the solar panel installation - are you prepared to cover these costs which are outside of this offer?:

Are you willing to take part in trial for up to 18 months? (This will involve completing some surveys every few months so Energia can gather insights and learnings from the service offered, to better enhance the product offering.):

Are you willing to provide feedback on a quarterly and/or ad hoc basis?:

In addition to this trial, would you be interested in opting in to our exclusive 'Energia Early Adopters Group' for market research purposes on new innovative product development?:

I agree that if I am selected for this trial that I have read the Smart Energy Storage Solutions terms and conditions and privacy statement and that they will apply for the duration of the trial.

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