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5 benefits of getting your gas boiler serviced
NOVEMBER 08 2021
5 benefits of getting your gas boiler serviced

Your gas boiler is likely one of the most functional systems in your home but we bet you wouldn’t give it much thought or consideration throughout the year. That’s because all we do is flick a switch and wait for the magic to happen. The joys of energy! Hot water, heating, cooking - your boiler powers your home and without it, everyday life would not be so cosy!
But did you know that there are some major benefits to getting your gas boiler serviced yearly? Just like flossing your teeth or looking before you cross the road, getting your gas boiler serviced is something that greatly impacts your home and family so it’s something that we really must do. Here’s why:

1. Less spending and more saving:


Once you start using your gas boiler, it is immediately being put to work. Loss in efficiency is unavoidable due to combustion and wear and tear.
Servicing the boiler involves restoring the optimum conditions required for combustion. This is what increases your boiler’s efficiency, restoring the initial use of the amount of gas, which results in less spend on energy bills. So it’s a no brainer right?!
Furthermore, an annual boiler service is best conducted before Winter. Imagine waking up one morning freezing and discovering that your gas boiler is down… Servicing your boiler before the cold spell will help spread the cost as you won't be paying for increased fuel usage whilst the heating isn't on.


 2. You will feel safe:


A malfunctioning boiler can be very dangerous, there’s no lighter way to put it. It puts you and your family at a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If your boiler’s ventilation gets blocked, the parts will become damaged. These are things you cannot see. Or if the system is no longer burning properly, you could easily suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s crucial that you get your gas boiler serviced for this very reason alone so that you can be assured that no harmful toxins spread through your home.

 3. You will spend less on repairs:

Again much like going to the dentist for a yearly check-up and avoiding fillings or root canal hell, if your boiler is serviced regularly, you are less likely to spend on expensive repairs and even a boiler replacement. This is because servicing ensures that your unit works in line with the manufacturer’s specifications.
The SEAI, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, also recommend an annual servicing.


4. Stay Legal:


Perhaps you have rented accommodation or a business or you are currently renting – you should be aware that both commercial premises and rented accommodation legally require gas safety certificates to be issued every twelve months. By law, boilers and other gas appliances must be repaired and maintained in a safe condition. All landlords are required under Statutory Instrument SI.534 of 2008 Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations, to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate for any gas appliance in their rental home(s) to prove that it has been routinely checked for safety.


5. Overall Peace of Mind:


So you’ve made the clever choice to get your gas boiler serviced. Well done you! When you have all of the above measures in place, you will have the ultimate peace of mind and will feel safe in knowing that your boiler will run smoothly and get your home through another year. 


Energia’s 28-point check gas boiler servicing:


If all the above wasn’t enough to convince you to get your gas boiler serviced, then we have an offer that’s the most competitive on the market right now. Energia on behalf of our Cosy Homes Scheme are offering a special price of just €95. 
Call us on 0818 111 122 to find out more about Energia's Cosy Homes Scheme. 
Our gas boilers services are carried out by RGII registered gas installers in compliance with Irish Standard I.S. 813 and current Health and Safety regulations.

Our engineer will carry out a 28 Point Check which includes:

- 45 minutes of labour.

- Service safety check.

- Electrical checks.

- 30 day warranty on service.

- Boiler Efficiency Check. 

Visit our Energia Cosy Homes gas boiler servicing page for more information.
If you see any of the following signs, you will need to hire the services of a registered gas installer immediately:

- Increased condensation in rooms

- The flame from your gas hob has a yellow rather than blue flame

- The pilot light has been going more often

- If you notice black stains on gas appliances

Important - If you ever smell gas you should contact Gas Networks Ireland immediately on 1850 20 50 50.