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What is Renewable Electricity and what are the benefits?
FEBRUARY 14 2020
What is Renewable Electricity?  Everything you need to know about the state of renewable energies in Ireland and Energia's commitment to developing sustainable energy.

What is Renewable Electricity?


Green energy is renewable electricity, which means it’s produced with little-to-no environmental impact and does not dispense greenhouse gases into the air that contribute to global warming. Green energy is produced with renewable energies.

◾ What types of renewable energy are there available?


Green energy comes from sustainable sources such as:

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Power
  • Hydropower
  • Geothermal energy
  • Bioenergy

 As these energy resources are renewable, it means that we can continue to produce them.

◾ What renewable sources does Energia use in Ireland?


Energia’s wind power:

Ireland has huge potential for harnessing wind power and Energia operates 22 wind farms in locations across the country, with 23% of the country’s total wind energy supplied through Energia.

Energia is proud to be the only Irish Supplier that has supplied 100% Renewable electricity over the last five years, and Energia is the only energy supplier in Ireland recorded as supplying Renewable Electricity for this given period. See how much CO2 our customers have helped us to cut.

Energia’s offshore wind farms, Bio and Hydro energy:

We are also further expanding these interests by investing in offshore wind farms and solar projects which will add further to our renewable energy portfolio, as well as Bioenergy and Hydro Energy projects creating even more sustainability throughout our business and onwards to our customer base.


◾ What are the benefits of green energy?


Renewable energy has a positive impact on life for future generations and has numerous benefits over conventional energy sources, including:

  • Carbon emissions are much lower

  • The fuel supplies will not run out

  • It’s widely available in Ireland and doesn’t need to be imported

  • It’s not subject to the price variations of fossil fuels

Carbon Emissions are much lower and renewable fuel never runs out:

Renewable Energy and wind energy are inherently sustainable; i.e. using it does not have an ongoing negative impact on life in the future. It has several key benefits over conventional means of electricity generation such as:

  • It involves very low emissions of "greenhouse gases"

  • The fuel is free and in the case of wind, solar and hydro stations, indigenous- it is not subject only to weather patterns and does not have to be imported

Renewable resources are widely available in Ireland:

Ireland is one of the windiest places in Western Europe and has a tremendous potential for wind energy.

Energia supplies Renewable Electricity to its customers from a range of wind farm contracts. Energia has 550MW of operational renewable electricity capacity contracted within its renewable energy portfolio. 
Energia Renewables continues to have an aggressive development strategy with a further 230MW of wind farm projects currently in development across Ireland. Energia is in fact the longest supplier of 100% renewable electricity in the isle of Ireland.

We are leaders in our field, and we want to continue to lead which is why we’re also engaged in a wide range of projects including bio-energy, energy storage and solar energy.

Leading Renewable energy supplier in Ireland:


Through our strategic initiatives and our investments, we are decisively addressing the challenges of energy provision in a world that is grappling with climate change.

We’re now further expanding these interests by investing in offshore wind farms and solar projects which will add further to our renewable energy portfolio, creating even further sustainability throughout our business and onwards to our customer base.

◾ Renewable Energy at Home:


Domestic energy users can also contribute to the development of clean renewable energy and can do it from their home. Energia are excited to launch our new innovative product trial using Solar PV with a Moixa Smart Battery. Through this new energy efficiency project you can; reduce your electricity bills and monitor you electricity usage in real-time using your personal Moixa dashboard, lower your carbon footprint by leading the way for positive change in our environment, by reducing the usage of harmful fossil fuels, and you can also avoid rising energy costs by becoming proficient in creating your own green, renewable energy.

Alternatively, you can install Solar Flat Plate Collectors on your roof with a dual coil cylinder which gives you power to make hot water for free. Energia customers can avail of discounts and grants of up to 24% on solar systems at the Energia Centre which can help to save power and reduce energy costs. Find out more about our Solar Systems for your house.