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With grants of up to €35,000 available, there's never been a better time to get a warmer, greener home.

Energia has partnered with the Irish League of Credit Unions & House2Home to launch CU Greener Homes - a one stop shop for all your home energy efficiency improvements, big or small. 

So whether you are considering attic insulation or a deep retrofit, CU Greener Homes is here to help.

Not only will the scheme offer you grants of up to €35,000 but your credit union can offer you a low cost loan to help finance the work. And you have access to all the benefits of our one stop shop approach.

CU Greener Homes Energy Upgrade Calculator
Get a quick quote using the CU Greener Homes Energy Upgrade Calculator
This energy upgrade calculator will take you through a simple four-step process to help you work out the most energy efficient improvements for your home. As well as giving you indicative costs of any potential work, it will show you the energy improvements that can be achieved, the grants available and the option for credit union finance.
Grants of up to €35,000 per home
The SEAI will provide grants up to €35,000 for deep retrofits depending on the type of home improvement and the impact on your home’s energy rating.

Use our energy upgrade calculator to enter your home’s details and get a detailed cost breakdown for your home upgrade.
Grants of up to €35,000 per home
Benefits of CU Greener Homes
Low Cost Loans
Low Cost Loans
Participating credit unions are offering discounted loan rates as low as 4.9% APR for home energy efficiency upgrades to the home’s energy rating.
Energy Savings
Energy Savings
Even the smallest home energy efficiency upgrades will see you make savings on the amount of energy you use at home.
Easy Application and Expert Advice
Easy Application and Expert Advice
The application for eligible grants is fully managed for you & a dedicated project manager is on hand to help you with all aspects of the project.
What work is covered?
Double/Triple Glazed Windows
Solar Panels
Attic insulation
Demand Ventilation Schemes
Heating Controls
Wall Insulation
Insulated Doors
Heat Pumps & New Boiler
Energy Upgrade Calculator
Use our calculator to identify the estimated costs of your home upgrade as well as the grants and credit union finance options available.