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If you’re on a smart tariff you can now opt-in to get Energy Insights! With this new tool you can see your usage data, set budgets on how much you want to spend, and see what appliances use the most electricity. Login to your account to see Energy Insights.

What is Energy Insights?
With Energy Insights you can:

- See your usage and costs by hour, day, week, or month.
- Set € budgets and track your performance.
- See an estimation of what appliances in your house use the most energy.
- See how you compare to other households
- Get tips on how to reduce your usage.

Energy Insights helps you understand your usage better so you can make smarter choices.
What is Energy Insights?
What are the benefits of Energy Insights?
To measure is to know
To measure is to know
Being able to measure what you use is the first step in reducing what you use.
Who left the fridge door open?
Who left the fridge door open?
Knowing what categories are using the most will inform you to make smarter decisions.
They say don’t compare yourself!
They say don’t compare yourself!
But now you can compare yourself to last month and you can compare your usage to other similar homes.
How to sign up for Energy Insights
to one of our smart plans.
our app, or log in to your account.
for Energy Insights.
Energy Insights FAQs