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Our contact centre is experiencing very high demand meaning wait times may be longer than usual. The answers you are looking for may be online browse our FAQs.  See here for information on the Government Electricity Credit. 

Submit your meter reading online


An electricity or gas meter records the amount of energy your home has used. This information is collected by the network and sent to us as your supplier which we then use to calculate your bill.

Energy Online customers can submit meter readings through their online account. We will send a reminder when its time to provide a reading.



Why submit a meter reading?


We require regular meter readings to ensure your bill is accurate. Your meter readings tell us how much energy you have used since your last bill and we use this information to calculate your next bill.

By looking at your bill you will be able to tell if the bill has been calculated using a meter reading you have provided, as the letters CU will appear in the meter reading section.

3 ways in which you can submit a meter reading:



By phone

Call us on 0818 405 405.




Click the links below.

Submit an electricity meter reading

Submit an electricity meter reading

You can submit an electricity meter reading by calling ESB on 1800 33 77 77 or by clicking the link below.

Submit a gas meter reading

Submit a gas meter reading

You can submit a gas meter reading by calling Gas Networks Ireland on 1800 42 77 32 or by clicking the link below.

Smart meter readings:


If you have a Smart Meter with good connectivity your meter will automatically send your readings to the ESB Networks and you will not have to manually send us a meter reading.

If you have some connectivity issues with your Smart Meter then a meter reader will call to take a meter reading. 

If the connectivity quality is not at level CTF4 (strongest), ESB Networks representatives will continue to take readings up to 6 times a year.


How to read your meter:


Firstly you will need to open your meter box using a meter key. If you have lost your meter box key, you can request a new one from ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland.

Your meter may be located inside or outside your property. If you live in an apartment, you may need request access or obtain a meter reading from your landlord or property’s management.

Unsure how to read your meter?

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