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How to install renewable energy systems in your home
A step-by-step guide to installing renewable energy systems at home
PICTURE: A step-by-step guide to installing renewable energy systems at home
JANUARY 15 2024
Uncover the simplest and most effective ways to incorporate renewable energy systems into your house for a sustainable and environmentally responsible living space.
1. Research our solar PV products

Investing in a solar PV system is an easy and effective way to reduce the amount of energy you need from your utility supplier.  By doing this, you can save money on your energy bills while making your home more energy efficient.

2. Check the roof to make sure it can support the weight of the system and check the availability of sunlight

It's time to inspect your solar energy system rooftop!  Follow these steps to ensure you get the most out of your system. Start off by checking for any signs of loose connections, damaged wires, or any other damage. Check for wear and tear on roof-mounted panels or mounts. Look for rust, dirt, or water damage. Use a ladder to inspect the panels and ensure there are no loose connections. Lastly, make sure all cables and connectors are securely routed and sealed properly. Enjoy the benefits of solar power with minimal issues. 

3. We will organise a professional solar installer to make sure your system is set up right!

Are you ready to power your home or business with clean energy? Work with professional solar installers to get the job done right. You can lower your energy costs and perhaps reap long-term financial rewards by installing solar. Not to forget you can also greatly lessen the impact you have on the environment.

4. Energia customer's with pay 0.24c per KWh exported back to the grid with Solar PVs

Be the first to make use of this great new opportunity from Energia, 0.24c per KWh for energy exported to the grid – now THAT is making the most out of renewable energy! Make sure to check out the details - it's a great way to save and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainable energy solutions.

5. Monitor your system’s performance to figure your energy production and how much money you are saving

You want your renewable energy system to run smoothly and to make sure of this you should troubleshoot your system. Start by examining the wattage and voltage of all the equipment in your energy system, replace any damaged parts, clean your solar panels on a regular basis, verify your system settings, and make any necessary adjustments. Keep your solar-powered energy system up to date to ensure that it performs properly all year!

Follow these above steps to install efficient energy systems into your home and keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook for more content!