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The Energia guide to solar panels costs
The Energia guide to solar panels costs
PICTURE: The Energia guide to solar panels costs
MAY 15 2024
Do you want to generate you own electricity while doing good for the environment?
For most people, it’s a no-brainer, and that’s why solar panels are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and businesses.  

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the cost of solar panels in Ireland and explore how they can be the key to unlocking significant savings. One thing to note is that to generate energy you will need a solar PV system and this post explores the cost of a solar PV system, rather than just individual solar panels.

Table of contents:
  • The cost of solar panels
  • The benefits of solar panels
  • Can solar panels save money
  • Average cost of a solar panel system
  • Solar panel battery costs
  • Solar panel maintenance
  • Conclusion
How much do solar panels cost in Ireland? 

Every house is different. However, you can expect to pay between €6,000 and €16,000. The costs cover the solar panels, inverters, mounting equipment, and installation fees. There are SEAI grants of up to €2,100 available. 

The good news is that the cost of solar panels in Ireland has reduced significantly in recent years. And most households find they quickly save money, recouping the initial cost in just a few short years. 

When it comes to working out the average cost of solar panels, there are several factors at play:
  • The size of your home 
  • How much energy you use
  • Your home’s location – south-facing properties get more sunlight
  • The type of solar panels and the manufacturer

While the upfront expense may seem high, weighing it against the longer-term benefits is essential. Each kWh of energy your solar power system generates means one less kWh from the grid. And those cost savings soon add up. Many commentators estimate that solar panel investment pays for itself in as little as three to four years. 

What are the benefits of solar panels? 

The benefits of solar panels go beyond cost savings. Solar energy is clean and renewable, and you'll also be reducing carbon emissions. 

Here are some of the main benefits of solar panels: 
  • Renewable energy: Solar energy is sustainable. Even in sun-starved Ireland, solar power is readily available on cloudy, overcast days. 
  • Fewer carbon emissions: Solar power generates electricity from the sun’s rays making it a clean and renewable source of energy.
  • Increase the value of your home: Installing solar panels can boost the value of your home. Your house will stand out to budget-conscious buyers, giving you the edge over your neighbours. 
  • Energy independence: Solar energy can mean you are less dependent on the grid to power your home, especially if you have a backup solar panel battery – more on that later. 
  • Micro-generation:  Solar panels generate electricity which can be sold back to the grid. Energia currently offers our residential customers 24 cent per kWh exported to the grid.
Can solar panels save you money? 

Solar panels can definitely save you money in the long run. 

A home solar system means you will reduce energy consumption. Average Irish households can expect to generate between 60-70% of their energy needs through electricity produced by solar panels. 
However, as previously mentioned, microgeneration can help you earn up 24 cent per kWh, by selling energy back to the grid. Residential customers on the Microgeneration scheme are paid for the extra electricity, resulting in even more overall savings.  

What is the average cost of a solar panel system?

As we’ve seen, there are many factors to consider, including the size of your property and your daily energy needs. 
Every house and solar PV system is different, so it's difficult to give a specific figure. The following table gives a rough guide to the number of panels and system size that typical Irish households need. 


However, government grants are available through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, which can help reduce the initial burden. 

What are the costs of a solar panel battery?

You can expect to pay between €1,500 and €7000 for a solar panel battery. The most crucial consideration is capacity. Batteries with larger capacities come with a heftier price tag, so make sure the capacity matches your family’s electricity needs. 

A solar panel battery is like a backup system. Sometimes, your solar panels produce more electricity than you can use. It could be thanks to your energy-saving efforts, while you’re away on holiday or during an extended period of warm weather – yes, it does happen, even in Ireland! A solar panel battery stores that extra electricity to use when needed.
There are two main types of solar panel batteries: 

DC-coupled system: This option uses a direct current (DC) and stores the electricity generated by your solar panels in the battery. 

AC-coupled system: With this option, electricity generated by solar panels flows through an inverter to convert it into AC (alternating current) for use in your home. Before storing in the solar battery, it must be converted back to DC. When needed, the stored electricity is reconverted to AC for home use. 

Each battery type has pros and cons. A DC-coupled system is more efficient than an AC one but takes longer to install. AC-coupled systems offer several advantages, including the ability to charge from the grid, as well as simpler upgrade processes.

What are the maintenance costs for solar panels in Ireland? 

Solar panels will last between 20-30 years. However, as with most things, they require maintenance to ensure they work at their best. Regular inspection, routine cleaning and inverter maintenance will optimise the system, so that it keeps on delivering. 

Maintenance costs vary depending on the quality of the panels and the size of your system. It is generally recommended to get maintenance on your system every 1 or 2 years, at a cost of between €100 and €300.

Conclusion: Are solar panels worth the cost in Ireland?  

Even with our often-cloudy skies, solar panels are definitely worth the cost in Ireland. 

Solar panels are an excellent option for homeowners and businesses who wish to reduce their electricity consumption and lower their carbon footprint.

While there are some upfront costs, solar panels have long-lasting benefits. In just a few short years, you will recoup the costs with savings on your electricity consumption. Even better, you’ll also be doing your bit for the planet. 

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