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Data Reveals Ireland’s Best County to Go Solar
Ireland’s Best County to Go Solar
PICTURE: Ireland’s Best County to Go Solar
MAY 15 2024
Even in the changing skies of Ireland, energy generated by solar panels paves the way for a more sustainable future.
Thanks to advanced technology and more people caring about the environment, the use of solar panels has increased considerably over the last decade. 

Energia, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions has conducted a study on the best locations for solar panel installation in Ireland. Our aim is to provide information to individuals looking for a sustainable energy source and reduce their carbon footprint.

The study analysed historical data to reveal the average hours of sunlight for each month of the year across each county, as well as the overall total, to determine which counties receive the most sunlight throughout the year. Sunlight is not only a great source of vitamin D but also an excellent energy source that can help you reduce your carbon footprint. 

You might be thinking, “But Ireland isn't sunny all year round; it's mostly cloudy or rainy.” Just because it's cloudy doesn't mean you can't use solar panels; they can still capture indirect sunlight that penetrates through clouds and provide you with energy throughout the year, even on the dullest gloomy days in winter.

Counties with the highest amount of sunlight


The top five counties in Ireland with the highest average number of sunlight hours include: 
  • Wexford 
  • Waterford 
  • Wicklow 
  • Cork 
  • Clare
Wexford takes the crown as Ireland’s best county to install solar panels, soaking up a massive 1358.76 sunlight hours annually. January, April, May, and August combined, are the months when the sun shines the most compared to the other counties. This makes it an ideal location for anyone looking to make the move to solar and live a more sustainable lifestyle.  


Taking the second spot, Waterford hits the jackpot with an impressive annual total of 1349.88 sunlight hours. The sunniest months in Waterford are February and March compared to other counties, making it a promising location for renewable energy enthusiasts. But even on rainy days, the solar panels continue to work effectively, ensuring consistent energy production.

The “Garden of Ireland”, Wicklow, grabs the third spot, with a yearly total of 1345.44 sunlight hours. September and December are when the sun shines the brightest compared to other counties, which is wonderful as you will not have to worry about running out of energy when the days get shorter and you can take full advantage of the clear, crisp winter days.

Cork ranks in fourth place, with an annual total of 1325.88 sunlight hours. County Cork receives the most sunshine in October (210.8 hours) and November (182.4 hours), offering favourable conditions for solar energy. County Clare rounds off the top five, with its total of 1305.12 sunlight hours annually, with June having the highest sunlight concentration of 421.8 hours.

This analysis sheds light on the best locations to go solar in Ireland with Wexford emerging as the prime spot for solar panel installation, with an impressive 1358.76 sunlight hours annually. This makes it an ideal choice for those considering solar. Waterford, Wicklow, Cork, and Clare also rank high, showcasing Ireland's potential for renewable energy. Even regions with less sunlight like Kerry and Laois are great locations to take advantage of solar energy and reduce your carbon footprint.


Our research provides a valuable insight into the practicality of going solar in Ireland. With the rising awareness of climate change and the increasing need for sustainable energy solutions, the findings of this study serve as a solution for those looking to make a positive impact on the environment. By identifying the amount of sunlight available throughout the year for each county, we are able to say that every county has enough sunlight throughout the year to make use of solar panels and reduce the carbon footprint of homes across Ireland.

For homeowners, businesses, and communities alike, understanding the solar potential of their area is essential for maximising the benefits of renewable energy and contributing to Ireland's transition towards a greener future. Also, this research highlights that even in regions with less sunlight, solar panels can still be a viable and effective energy solution. As Ireland continues to prioritise sustainability and renewable energy initiatives, this research serves as a valuable tool for driving widespread solar energy adoption and accelerating the country's progress towards a more sustainable energy landscape.

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We analysed historical data for every county in Ireland to reveal the best counties to go solar. The study included average hours of sunlight per county for all twelve months. Once the average had been calculated for every county, we were able to see what the overall scores were and how each county ranked compared to one another.