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What are the advantages of smart meters?
FEBRUARY 17 2021
What are the advantages of smart meters?

Smart meters will become more popular in the next few years due to the roll out of the National Smart Meter programme which will require the replacement of standard meters to smart meters. There are many advantages of having a smart meter installed in your home from financial to environmental benefits. Discover the advantages of smart metering today.

1. No more estimated bills with smart metering:

When it comes to standard meters, many Irish energy customers regularly receive estimated bills, which are based on the average consumption for a home the same size as yours.

ESB Networks attempt to send an engineer to read your standard electricity meter four times a year. However, this isn’t always possible. As there is no warning as to when they might arrive to do this reading, if nobody is at home at the time of the call-out, they will be forced to use an estimated reading instead.

The good news is that smart meters remove the need for estimated bills as they have a two-way communication system, which means both you and your supplier will have constant access to your usage levels. Meaning you will only get charged for your actual energy consumption.

2. Reduced energy consumption:

Smart meters will give you visibility to see exactly how much energy you’re using in real time, and which appliances are using the most electricity. This means you'll have a lot more information and insight into your energy usage throughout the day, helping you reduce your consumption and become more energy aware.

3. Lower carbon footprint:

Smart meters will not only provide improved energy efficiency and reduced consumption, but they’re also good for the environment! In 2019, Ireland’s provisional Green House Gas emissions are estimated to be 59.90 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent, which is 4.5% lower than emissions in 2018. And, with less cars on the road and more people working from home in 2020, these figures are still declining!

By becoming more energy aware about your consumption, the less energy you will use. This means you will only be billed for what you've used going forward.

4. More information on your energy bills:

Your monthly electricity bills will also become 'smart' too. Your ‘smart’ bills will provide you with lots of invaluable information on your energy consumption, year-on-year comparisons of your energy usage, helpful graphs, as well as hints and tips to help you manage your energy better.

5. Improved customer service:

Smart meters will enable ESB Networks to find and fix faults quicker. Moving home will become a lot easier as energy suppliers will hold the ‘master’ keys to your smart meter and will have the ability to switch your electricity supply on and off. This will be helpful to you if you’re moving to a new house or going away for a decent stretch, ensuring you don't pay for any electricity you're not intentionally using.

6 . Time-of-use tariff options:

‘Time-of-use’ tariffs or smart tariffs will also be introduced with smart meters to encourage you to move your usage to times with lower unit rates. This will help you to make further savings and help suppliers better balance their energy generation.
Any Questions about Smart Meters in Ireland?
If you have any questions about the rollout of smart meter in Ireland, the best contact is to reach out to ESB smart meters where they have designated resources to provide information about the benefits, how it will affect and how to request a smart meter in Ireland.