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How to save money without changing your lifestyle

We all love to save a few bob here and there when we can (or often when we have to) but hate missing out while we are doing it. We’ve come up with a few money saving tips that don’t sacrifice your lifestyle:

Save money at work

Get a French press
A well-known tip for coffee lovers to save money is not to buy coffee every day but it’s hard to give up that aromatic, Arabica roast from your favourite coffee shop for the jar of dusty instant coffee in the kitchen. Instead, pick up a French press and some ground beans and have quality coffee at a fraction of the price.


Bring lunch
We admit this takes a little organisation but don’t let that put you off, it also brings big financial rewards! Key to avoiding the soggy school sandwiches many of us remember from our youth is to have the right container and a list of easy but tasty recipes that can be quickly prepared the evening before or on a Sunday.

Possible saving per month: €160

Save money at home:

Shop in a budget supermarket
Although the stocked brands may not be well known in Ireland they are often best sellers on the continent. Choosing to shop here can halve your grocery bill every week. It’s a quick and easy way to save money.

Make a list…and stick to it!
Having a shopping list helps focus our mind on what we need instead of what we might want! Planning meals for the week and adding ingredients to the list means you don’t end up with lots of groceries that don’t go together.

Don’t go grocery shopping hungry
A sure way to guarantee your shopping trolley is filled with tasty treats you don’t need is to go shopping on an empty stomach. Eating before you hit the supermarket helps to stay focused on what you need rather than what you want.

Grow your own herbs
A fabulous addition to a home cooked meal, fresh herbs are expensive and shop bought options wilt quickly. Why not grow your own? Herbs can be cheaply bought in a garden centre, put a selection in a large pot in a sunny place and water them regularly and have fresh rosemary the next time you have a Sunday roast.


Possible saving per month: €200

Save money at the weekend

Check out cheap/free things to do
There are a plethora of cheap and free things to do all around Ireland to keep you, your friends and family entertained for hours no matter where you are in the country. Follow us on Facebook to keep track of some of the best things every week with our illustrated map. You might end up doing something different. It’s an easy way to stay entertained and save money!

Avoid getting into rounds
There are lots of advantages to not getting into rounds with a group of mates in the pub. First off, we are likely to drink less when it’s not in front of us which helps both the head the next morning and the waistline. Secondly it can make a difference to how much we spend on a night out. Whatever you chose to do, always drink responsibly


Share a cab
If a taxi is the only way home, cut down on the fare by sharing with a group of friends. Filling a cab can make it a very affordable way to get to your front door.

Have post night out food ready home
Avoid queues in the take away, be kinder to your waistline and save a few bob by preparing a post night out snack for when you get home. A tasty sandwich is a great option. Getting it ready before you leave stops the temptation to cook when you get home, which we don’t recommend.


Possible savings per month: €150

By applying even some of these money saving tips to your life should make a significant dent to what you are spending every month. If you want to save more, why not check out our blog on growing your own vegetables, it's not too late in the year to start!

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