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About Energia’s renewable mission

Energia is a leading developer and operator of renewable energy across the island of Ireland, supplying 21% of the country’s wind energy. Our growing renewable energy portfolio consists of 15 onshore wind farm sites which generate over 300MW of electricity, and an additional 900MW through Power Purchase Agreements. We have and will continue to develop and expand sustainable projects across the island such as offshore wind farms, solar technology, hydrogen production, and battery storage. These investments all add to our renewable energy portfolio, helping us become a more conscious and sustainable business for our customers and the planet. 


What renewable energy means to us

For us, renewable energy is part of who we are and what we stand for. It is why we have 15 onshore wind farms that generate over 300MW of electricity. It is why we are investing €3B in Irish renewable energy through our Positive Energy investment. It is why we help our customers invest in sustainable solutions such as solar, microgeneration, and electric vehicles. It is why we constantly strive to innovate and expand our smart services and products, continuously seeking new projects in solar technology, hydrogen production, and battery storage. It is why we are proud to be the longest supplier of 100% Renewable Electricity to households in Ireland. Renewable energy is in our DNA, so we will continue to invest and support sustainable energy projects now and into the future. 


How Energia works in the energy market 

Energia is a generator and supplier of electricity. This means we generate electricity and provide it to the wholesale market. We also buy electricity from this market to supply to our customers. The wholesale market is called the Single Electricity Market (SEM) and the requirement to buy and sell electricity in this market is regulated by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, through the SEM Committee. All electricity comes and goes from here. So, it is impossible to say at a specific time that the electricity you use is renewable or non-renewable, the electrons entering your home or business are identical in any event. 

At Energia, we source our customers’ renewable electricity through a combination of our own renewable generation, electricity under contract from other renewable generators in Ireland, as well as from renewable generators within the EU’s single market. To help customers know where their electricity is coming from, the CRU approve and publish suppliers’ annual Fuel Mix Disclosure Statements, found on the back of customers’ bills, which are based on the verified levels of renewable generation supplied to the market by the supplier and the Guarantee of Origin certificates held by the supplier that are issued for each unit of renewable electricity generated within the EU’s single market. 


Our Fuel Mix Disclosure 

Every year, energy suppliers must share the mix of fuels they provide their customers. This way, customers stay informed about where the energy they use is coming from. The Fuel Mix Disclosure shows the percentage of demand met by a particular source of energy, as well as its CO2 impact. The Single Electricity Market Operator calculates this yearly on behalf of the CRU. It is also independently verified to make sure the information provided is factual and transparent. 


Here is a breakdown of our fuel mix for last year: 

 Supplier Fuel Mix Disclosure

Applicable period: January 2022– December 2022

Electricity supplied has been sourced from the following fuels: 

 Electricity supplied by Energia   (Ireland)

Average for all Island Market (for comparison)


% of total

% of total




 Natural Gas
















Environmental Impact


CO2 Emissions

0 g/kwh


Or click here to review the latest CRU Fuel Supplier Mix Report for statistics and information.

What this means for our customers 

Every year, we know our customers’ electricity demand from the grid. To supply customers with electricity exclusively from a renewable source, we must ensure the customers demand is at least equivalent to the amount of renewable electricity we provide to the market from our own windfarms or other renewable generators in Ireland, as well as other renewable generation in Europe for which we have a Guarantee of Origin. Our annual Fuel Mix Disclosure breaks down all our sources of energy, so you can see where your electricity comes from. 

Where does my renewable electricity come from? 

When you turn on the kettle or take a shower, it is impossible to say that you are using renewable energy in that moment. This is because your energy comes from the national grid which pools energy from all sources. This is how the system works. It is currently not technically possible to operate the grid in Ireland with 100% renewable electricity and in recent years approximately 40% of all electricity demand has been met from renewable generators in Ireland. 

As part of the wider European electricity market, we can facilitate customers’ ambitions to do more. That is why we buy Guarantee of Origins that certify the energy purchased is from a renewable source. We also invest in renewable generation and are responsible for providing over 20% of the renewable electricity from wind and other sustainable sources (e.g. hydro) across Ireland to the grid and ultimately to customers’ homes and businesses. 


Guarantee of Origins (GoO)  

What they are, how they work and why do suppliers use them?

 Guarantee of Origins are digital proof of renewable electricity generation. They provide transparency on the type and origin of the electricity produced. They act as green stamps, guaranteeing the generation of renewable electricity. Each certificate represents one megawatt hour of electricity. Under EU law, Guarantees of Origin can be openly traded between registered entities (e.g. generators, suppliers, businesses) in Member States.  

 In 2021, Irish suppliers bought 17,350,039 GoOs from other countries. Suppliers include this in their yearly Fuel Mix Disclosures. So generally, the volume of renewable electricity supplied to customers in Ireland is greater than the total amount of renewable generation in Ireland, as it is supplemented by renewable generation elsewhere in Europe (GoO). The buying and selling of GoO certificates is a common practice in the European energy market and in other markets businesses can purchase these directly. This process is independently verified by SEM-O and regulated by the CRU under both Irish and European legislation to ensure fairness and transparency. The GoOs are never double counted and are verified sources of renewable energy. 


The graph below shows how the Guarantee of Origin scheme works in Ireland and Europe: 



Energy companies buy GoOs for many reasons. The current structure of the electricity market makes it difficult to guarantee the origin of electricity sources. However, these certificates show proof of origin for renewable electricity. In purchasing GoOs we are funding important progress in green technology across Europe, supporting our commitment to investing in renewable generation. They also let our customers know we are dedicated to reaching climate targets, making sure the electricity they are supplied with is recognised as being 100% renewable. All energy suppliers must also show the sources of electricity they supply to customers. This is published on customers’ bills or on Fuel Mix Disclosures. 


The roadmap to sustainability.

As of now, Ireland’s grid and electricity framework are not able to depend solely on renewable sources. The country still relies on gas, coal, oil, and other sources to produce electricity, as well as interconnection to the UK grid. However, the transition to a zero-carbon future is on the horizon. Through investments in renewable energy, we can achieve it. Guarantee of Origins are one way of doing this. Through sustainable energy investments across Europe, we are boosting demand for renewable generation and innovation. There is still lots to do to achieve our climate targets, so we are committed to growing our renewable energy portfolio and furthering Ireland’s reliance on sustainable solutions. 

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