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How to prepare for winter this summer
AUGUST 10 2023
Is your home prepared for winter? Don't wait until it's too late!
Energia has created a thorough guide to assist you in preparing for the cold season. Read on to learn key steps to guarantee a warm and secure winter. 

Check your heating and ventilation systems
Ensure that your heating system is in excellent working order. Clear any obstructions in the vents and ductwork since congested systems can cause an increase in your energy expenditures. Prioritise this task before the summer ends, as indoor air quality becomes critical throughout the winter when windows and doors are closed.

Prepare Outdoor Spaces
Protect your outdoor space from the wrath of winter. Spend some time preparing your outdoor space for the winter. Consider the effects of high winds, flooding, or a snow day. Take the time to prune trees and branches, and be wary of cast iron guttering, which can cause damage to structures and people. Trim any trees or branches that could cause structural damage during a winter storm. Any outdoor furniture or accessories that will not be used during the winter months, such as umbrellas, should be cleaned and stored away to avoid potential damage.

Get your boiler serviced
For peace of mind, invest in a pre-winter boiler service. A well-maintained boiler reduces the danger of break down, keeping people safe and lowering heating expenditures. An efficient boiler can help you save money over time because it costs less to run, making it a good investment. Read our blog on how to understand if your boiler needs servicing here.

Insulate your pipes
Insulate your hot water tank and pipes to prevent them from freezing during the winter. By insulating the pipes, you can keep the heat within the room, exactly where you want it.

Get a winter car kit
Prepare for winter roadside emergencies. You must ensure that your vehicle is prepared with a winter emergency kit. It is never too safe to be sorry. Purchasing tools like ice scrapers, de-icers, big torches, jump leads, and empty gasoline cans is encouraged. Being prepared guarantees your safety in icy weather.

With Energia's helpful recommendations, you can take charge and prepare your home and car for the winter. Begin now so you can confidently face the winter season!