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How to manage utilities when moving home
OCTOBER 10 2023
When moving home, it's always best to contact your energy provider at least 48 hours in advance and follow these six important steps:
Provide us with your account number:

This is how we can close your account, and this will avoid you being billed for any electricity used by new occupants.

Your MPRN and GPRN:

Need help to find your MPRN and GPRN?  Your MPRN is for electricity meter readings and your GPRN is for gas meter readings and these numbers can identify your business meter and can be found at the top of your most recent bill. 

The new address you are moving into:

Therefore, the energy company can send any new bills to you and where we can reach you if needed.

Your moving in date:

This is to confirm your move out by sending you a letter and any final bills for the property you have moved out of. Fill out the easy form of your moving in or out dates: link here.

A final meter reading from your old property: 

First start by checking the location of your meter. This can be located inside or outside your property or if living in an apartment they can be found by requesting access or obtaining a reading from your landlord. 

Use the meter key to assess the meter or request a new one from ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland. There are seven different types of meters and four different ways to read these meters. 

Visit How to read your meter to ensure accurate readings of your meter before leaving your property or check out of our video here. 

 An opening meter reading from your new property:

This is to ensure accurate readings in case you don’t agree with your bill statements. 
Contact us on 0818 405 405. The best time to call us is between 9.30-10.30am and 2-3pm Monday - Friday.

There are easy to use forms available on our Energia website where you can log your details for moving out or submitting a gas reading. 

Check out our moving home checklist to ensure you are ticking everything you need to do off the list. Find out more on Energia's Moving Home Checklist.