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How to save money with your laundry
Image of washing machine in utility room
PICTURE: Image of washing machine in utility room
NOVEMBER 16 2023
Laundry Products: The Ultimate Secret to Saving Money
As the temperatures drop, our #WinterReady series continues, with some fantastic #HelpfulHacks from the brilliant Laura de Barra. This week, Laura is spilling the tea on four popular laundry products and providing you with some laundry room hacks.  
Laundry Products   

As we all know, there are hundreds of products on the market claiming to save money and energy around the home. Well, your laundry room is no exception! As Laura explains in her latest #WinterReady video, the reality behind items like the fabric softener and scent boosters added to the washing machine, as well as dryer sheets and balls in the tumble dryer.  

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The promises range from keeping clothes soft to speeding up the process. But the question remains... are they worth the investment?  
Money Savers   

Of the four products reviewed by Laura, two are money savers. Laura is a big fan of laundry bags! 

These bags will prolong the lifetime of both your clothes and machines", she says.  

When you put on a wash, she explains, there’s usually an item that can be damaged by the rest of the wash or can cause damage to other clothes. Popping it in a laundry bag keeps it separate and prevents it from getting tangled with your other items. Laura’s second money saver is (drumroll...) dryer balls! These little guys speed up drying time in the machine without adding any extra residues or chemicals. Result!   
Hidden Costs  
What’s the best way to save money? Well, Laura has the answer about what products aren’t worth it. Fabric softener claims to keep clothes soft, but Laura explains that it can clog up the fibres in your clothes, causing odours and a buildup of bacteria. 

Similarly, scent boosters promise long-lasting freshness but also coat fibres, making them less absorbent and risking leaving oils in your machine. Finally, dryer sheets claim to keep clothes soft. Although Laura explains that they’re loaded with chemicals that can cause a stickiness to your clothes that’s hard to remove. 

Now you know the best products to invest in when it comes to tackling that pile of laundry! Make sure to follow along for more #WinterReady tips. We’ll be bringing you brand-new content every week right up into the New Year!