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How to save money in your kitchen
The countertop of the kitchen with a variety of kitchen appliances
PICTURE: The countertop of the kitchen with a variety of kitchen appliances
NOVEMBER 22 2023
Boss Your Kitchen Appliances!
In our latest #WinterReady series installment, as the evening grows darker and a festive spirit fills the air, we’ve teamed up with Laura de Barra, aka Gaff Goddess. Together, we’re bringing you #HelpfulHacks for the kitchen, from smaller appliances like your trusty kettle to bigger energy-users like the fridge and dishwasher. Uncover some top energy-saving tips below!
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Fridge Fun

First up, the fridge - there are lots of simple hacks you can apply to help this bad boy reduce energy costs. Try not to overload it; leave 20% of its space free. If there are too many items in the fridge, it’ll need to use loads of energy to keep them cool. 

Next up, avoid leaving your fridge door open. We’re all guilty of grabbing something, only to be alerted that you’ve left the door wide open by the dreaded beep. As it happens, it can take your fridge up to 45 minutes (yep, you read that right) to cool down for every 10-20 seconds it’s left open. 

Finally, when it comes to leftovers, allow them to cool down completely before popping them in. A hot or even warm dish means your fridge must work extra hard to cool it down, sending your energy bill UP.
Dishwasher Delight

The next energy-saving spotlight is the dishwasher. Though most of us wouldn’t be without this absolute gem, it does consume a lot of energy. Save some energy by giving it a clean! Old food and residue can lodge in its various nooks and crannies, resulting in a substandard wash. 

Next, stick the dishwasher on whenever it’s nicely full, and opt for an ‘eco’ wash if your machine has one. Too few bits and pieces are a waste of energy, but too many means that certain items won’t be cleaned properly. Setting it to run after 11p.m. (or whenever your plan’s cheaper night rate begins) will also help to save energy. 
Kettle Craic

A simple hack, but one that will potentially save you money. If you’re fond of your tea, try to get into the habit of only boiling as much water as you need. 

Another tip is to fill a teapot and bring it to your desk for when you need a refill. Teapots maintain water temperature better than kettles, so you won't need to make a fresh brew as regularly.

Those are just some #HelpfulHacks when it comes to the kitchen. Don’t forget to check out Laura’s new video, and be sure to follow along for more #WinterReady tips.