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How to understand if your boiler needs servicing
JULY 28 2023
Does your boiler need servicing? Check this list to know more about warning signs.
With winter coming up, it might be useful to run a check on your boiler and request servicing if needed.

To ensure that your boiler is working correctly and understand if it needs to be checked by a professional, you will want to be on the lookout for the following signs.

The pilot light is turned off
A pilot light is a gas flame used by your boiler as an ignition system. If this pilot light is not turned on or keeps turning off regularly and frequently, your boiler will be unable to work correctly. A boiler service operated by a professional will quickly solve this kind of issue.

Loud or unusual noises
It is completely normal for a boiler to make sounds when it is turned on and working, but particularly loud or unusual noises might be a sign that you need to book in a boiler service.

Some of these sounds could be kettling, whirring, banging or whistling and the could all lead to different issues. A professional will be able to identify the source of the problem and provide a solution.

Strong or unusual odours
Strong or unusual smells coming from your boiler might indicate the need for an intervention. Typical signs might include an eggy-like odour, or a gas or oil smell. In this case, make sure to check for dark marks on the casing of your boiler: that might be an additional sign and confirmation that your boiler needs servicing.

Poor performance
In addition to the signs above, the most common indicator that it's time for you to request a boiler service is poor or inefficient performance of the boiler itself. A quick check that you can conduct on your own to understand if your boiler might be having issues when it comes to heating, is to check out your radiators - if they are up and running properly, you will need to call a professional for a boiler service.

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