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How to start living greener
How to start living greener
PICTURE: How to start living greener
DECEMBER 11 2023
Explore five easy steps that you can take to live a greener lifestyle and minimize your carbon footprint.
From reducing energy consumption to sustainable shopping and transportation choices, we will provide practical tips and tricks on making environmentally friendly choices in your everyday life.

1. Eat locally produced organic food

Let’s start easy, and easy means searching for locally produced organic food. Many shops grow seasonal organic fruit and vegetables all year round, delivering straight to your door. Not only does eating organic products support sustainability and the local economy, but it also offers benefits like high nutrient levels, and the use of fewer chemicals.

2. Reduce waste, reuse, and recycle as much as possible

You can recycle in many different places now, from charity shops to retailers who take back your old clothes. There are multiple benefits that you will realise when you start reducing, reusing, and recycling, ranging from helping to reduce your carbon footprint and you’ll be helping to save money - reusing and recycling goods reduces the cost of buying new products and materials and helps towards protecting our planet’s natural resources.

3. Use public transport

Building a greener, cleaner, and more liveable future requires sustainable transportation. Take the train, bus, cycle, or walk! The environmental benefits public transport offers are enormous by reducing air pollution, preserves green spaces, reduces carbon footprints, and reduces noise pollution.

4. Invest in products that are made sustainably and from renewable resources

Investing in products that are made sustainably has lots of great benefits, including lowering energy consumption, fewer toxins, and greater durability. You can shop these products from the fashion retailers, food shops and beauty products. Taking these steps will benefit the environment in a positive way and improve the way you live your green life.

5. Use green energy sources, such as solar power panels

Green energy comes from natural sources such as the wind and the sun. Renewable energy reduces climate change by creating a cleaner atmosphere, better air quality and improves public health. Switching to using green energy sources allows you to live a cleaner, greener life

Follow these steps to become an energy-saving pro and make a greener impact! Let us know in the comments on Instagram what you plan to change.