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How to reduce your home energy use
How to reduce your home energy use
PICTURE: How to reduce your home energy use
DECEMBER 11 2023
Looking to upgrade your appliances to be more energy-efficient? We are providing the top energy saving tips, tips for choosing the right ones, and recommendations for the top gadgets to save electricity.
All of these below tips help you make the right decisions and to reduce your home energy use so you can spend less and save money. 

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1. Install a programmable thermostat to help regulate your temperature usage

This can be done simply by purchasing a Netatmo Smart Thermostat, this device allows you to automatically modify the temperature in your house for both heating and cooling. This is our best recommendation for a programmable thermostat to save energy and reduce them bills. 

2. Unplug any electronic devices when not in use and switch to energy efficient lightbulbs 

Unplugging devices is beneficial for reducing energy use, saving you money, and reducing the environmental impact. You can take ownership of your energy usage with the likes of the Kasa Smart Light Bulb, easily controlling when you have the lights on or off directly from your phone. 

3. Make sure to keep your windows and doors sealed and insulated

It’s a good idea to insulate your windows and keep your doors sealed and insulated during these chilly winter nights. The reason for this is to keep warm air in and cold air out of your home, resulting in reduced noise pollution and reduction in energy consumption. Make sure you decide in the right insulation for your home. Be aware there are four you can select from - external wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, dry lining or internal wall insulation and roof or attic insulation.

4. Utilise natural light whenever possible

Natural light can be used instead of artificial light to reduce costs and energy use. This can be done in numerous ways – by installing curtains or drapes on your windows in light, airy fabric to allow more light into your home, placing mirrors near your windows to reflect more light throughout your interior or placing large potted plants near your windows to filter light and provide a natural decor piece.

5. Clean and maintain your heater and air conditioner

Enhance your overall energy efficiency by cleaning and maintaining your heater and air conditioner which will help with your heating and cooling efficiency and save money on your utilities. It improves energy efficiency by ensuring optimal performance of the unit's components, improves indoor air quality and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Now that’s it for this week’s helpful tips on the best ways to reduce your electric bill! We will be back very soon with more tips and be sure to check out our Instagram to keep up to date when we will be sharing more blog posts on this very helpful topic.