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Let’s Get You #WinterReady!
Laura De Barra Blog Cover 1 - Helpful Hub Intro
PICTURE: Laura De Barra Blog Cover 1 - Helpful Hub Intro
NOVEMBER 09 2023
Introducing our brand-new #WinterReady series of #HelpfulHacks to make your home cosy and snug this Winter Season.
The winter weather is sneaking up on us! Meaning the colder months are just around the corner. We now believe that it’s now a good time to start thinking of simple ways to save energy around the house. Are you #WinterReady? We’re back with our brand-new series full of #HelpfulHacks which you can follow across our socials to make your life easier. Our series is full of tips and tricks you can use for all your home appliances! It might be as simple as keeping lids on your pots while cooking (trapping heat) or turning your washing machine settings down from 40 to 30 degrees (saving up to 40% energy!). 
Introducing @Lauradebarra 
We have plenty of tips up our sleeve to make your life easier, and we know the amazing Laura de Barra, author of the No.1 best-selling home bibles has even more! Thanks to her helpful stream of advice when it comes to all things in the home, Laura has built up a faithful TikTok following. We're thrilled to collaborate with her for an exclusive #WinterReady series throughout the winter, during which Laura will offer a wealth of expert insights and guidance on how to get the most out of your appliances and what to do in the event that something goes wrong.  
We’re kicking off the series with a bang this week, where Laura shares tips for dealing with white good woes! One of the most common fridge complaints, she explains, is a blocked drain. If water starts to collect under the refrigerator's drawers at the bottom, you'll know it's happening. Don’t be concerned though - Laura can help! Wave goodbye to the fridge pond, it can be easily removed with the green tool that comes with your refrigerator (or just use a damp cotton bud, which is quite convenient!). 
Next up, the tip you have been waiting for! Are you tired of washing your dishes twice? Dive into our dishwasher tips with Laura and learn why a clean filter and efficient spray arms can help you save time and money. These tips will help your dishes come out spick and span after every cycle, saving you both time and money. 
Protect your pocket when it comes to your washing machine maintenance with this helpful trick. You’ve guessed it, the filter here is also key to avoiding issues down the line. There’s also a handy trick for ensuring your product is always used in full during cycles. You won’t believe what it is…. Both of these simple tips will make sure your machine is running efficiently and helps you to avoid costly callouts. 
Our first video of the series is live now across social – check it out here !!  
Want to get real money-saving results on your energy bills? We've got the tips and tricks to get you there! Tune in every week for more #WinterReady  tips!  
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