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4 Must-Have Smart Home Gadgets
Apple Home hub sits on a table
PICTURE: Apple Home hub sits on a table
DECEMBER 07 2023
Tech Must-Haves
Can you believe that we’ve reached December–and with it, some very chilly Irish weather! We hope our #WinterReady series has been of help to you so far; the various #HelpfulHacks we’ve shared across our website, and social pages all offer clever ways to save on energy around the home. Have you read our other helpful blogs? And we’re not done yet!

Here, we’re showcasing four of the best smart home gadgets, all guaranteed to optimise your energy usage and, in turn, save you some cash. Click here to watch Laura de Barra, aka Gaff Goddess, latest video!   

1. Smart Home Hub 

Our first clever gadget is the smart home hub. You’re probably aware that most of the big tech companies (Google, Amazon and Apple) have available versions, and we must say, they’re well worth a purchase. Set up your hub in a room in your house (we recommend the kitchen), and you’ll have instant voice-activated access to all sorts of things, giving you brilliant home control to over the likes of your shopping list, personal calendar, and weather updates. They're also quite helpful in terms of energy efficiency; if your lights and appliances are smart, you can control them all from the hub, turning them on just when necessary and, as a result, saving money. 

2. Smart Plugs 

Smart plugs are a brilliant way to make your home more energy-efficient without breaking the bank. These innovative plugs turn your non-smart appliance–a lamp, for example, into one that can be switched on and off remotely through an app on your phone. There are endless ways you can use them... remotely switching on your electric blanket when you’re almost home on a cold night is our favourite! 

3. Electric Blanket 

Speaking of the glorious electric blanket...! These cosy pieces of joy have come a long way since the original models were on the market years ago. Newer blankets are split into four panels, so your partner can choose their own personalised settings. Cool torso, warm legs? Turning on your heated throw right before bed can guarantee that you're warm and comfortable in your bed without having to heat the entire house or even just the room—though leaving them on all night is not recommended. A great way to save energy at home! 

4. Heated Clothes Horse 

At last, a household gadget for those who are continuously caught up in the hectic routine of laundry (parents, we hear you!). The tumble dryer is one of the major energy consumers in the house, even if it's fantastic if you're short on clean clothes. In order to dry your clothing quickly and effectively, plug in a heated clothes dryer and let the arms heat up. This is not only far less expensive than a tumble dryer, but it’s also way gentler on your clothes, as they’re not getting tossed around in a drum for hours.    

Those are just some of the best home tech appliances – let us know your faves in the comments on our Instagram page, using #WinterReady! We’ll be back soon with more brilliant #HelpfulHacks.