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What are the eligibility criteria for prepayment meters?

Before installing a prepayment meter in your home, we will work with you to ensure this is the best solution based on your circumstances.  The following criteria will apply:

  • You must show that you are experiencing difficulty paying account arrears due to financial hardship and consent to the installation
  • You cannot be critically dependent on electrically powered equipment
  • A 24 hour tariff must be in operation at the address
  • You must have easy access to the meter in your home for inputting credit
  • An authorised outlet should be easily accessible to purchase credit for the meter

If you do not meet the above criteria, for example you are critically dependent on electrically powered equipment; we will make every effort to find an alternative payment solution for you. 

Elderly customers are normally protected from having their supply cut off during the winter months.  However if the credit is not maintained on a prepayment meter, the supply will turn off until a sufficient top up is applied.


What are the advantages of a prepayment meter?

  • It allows you to pay for your energy as you use it
  • You will not receive a bill
  • Emergency credit may be available if you run out
  • It allows you to manage arrears while still receiving service

How does Gas Prepayment Work?

Buying a top up

  • Take your meter card to any Payzone outlet. A full list of approved outlets is available at


  • Give the shop assistant your card and money and they will process the top up.
  • We recommend you keep your receipts

Topping up the meter

  • After you purchase the top up insert the card to the meter.
  • The display will show the value of credit on the card
  • Press red button ‘A’ and the credit will be transferred to the meter (at this point any arrears deductions will be taken)

If you have lost your card, you can buy a new one at any Payzone outlet for a small charge.

Emergency Credit

If you run out of credit, you may be able to access emergency credit up to a limit of €5. Simply insert the card, if emergency credit is offered accept it by pressing the button ‘A’. This gives you time to get to an outlet and top up. If you allow the emergency credit to run out, your energy supply will automatically disconnect. The amount of emergency credit used will be deducted from the next top up.

How does Electricity Prepayment Work?

Buying a top up

  • Take your meter card to any Payzone, Post Office or Postpoint outlet.

payzone_logo.png AP_freefloatTAB_RGB.jpg Capture.PNG

  • You can top up with any amount from €5 to €100. Give the shop assistant your card and money and they will process the top up.
  • You’ll be given a receipt with your 20 digit Topup Code printed on it. You will need this when topping up your meter at home.


Topping up the meter

  • Press the * button on the keypad. The message KEYCODE will be displayed.
  • Enter your 20 digit Top-up Code as it appears on your receipt and press the # button. If you enter a digit incorrectly you can erase it by pressing *
  • Once you’ve entered the Top-up Code correctly and pressed #, it will display ACCEPTED on the screen.
  • The amount of electricity you have bought will then appear followed by the word ACCOUNT and then the total amount of credit you now have.

If you have lost your plastic card, please call us for a replacement.

Emergency Credit

When your credit reduces to €2 your meter will emit a low-volume warning sound for 2 minutes. Press 0 on your keypad to turn it off.  After you press the button to turn off the warning sound, you will automatically receive €5 Emergency Credit.

Friendly Credit

If your credit runs out after 4pm (5pm in summertime) on a weekday or anytime during the weekend, the supply will remain on until 9am (10am in the summertime) the next working day.

Your supply will also remain on until 9am the following day if the credit runs out during the following holidays; 1st January, 17th March, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St. Stephen’s Day & 31st December.

The amount of emergency or friendly credit used will be deducted from your next top up. 

What Tariffs are available with the Pay As You Go Meter?

The Standard Prepay Tariff is the same as our Standard Tariff. You are not charged anything additional for having a Pay As You Go Meter.

The Repayment Tariff is for customers who have agreed to repay a debt through their prepayment meter. This tariff will take a percentage of the credit purchased toward the debt and put the balance towards the daily standing charge and unit rate per kWh of gas or electricity used. A proportion of the credit purchased will ALWAYS be left for your gas and/or electricity usage.

See our tariffs section for a breakdown of charges. We will notify customers in advance of any changes to our standard rates.

Important: it is advisable to top up your card during the summer months to ensure the daily standing charge does not build up.

What about the money I owe?

By switching to a Pay As You Go Meter you are also ensuring you can gradually pay off any outstanding payments on your account. With each top up, 25% will go towards your outstanding balance until the balance is clear with the remainder loaded on to your meter. We will notify you when the balance has been paid in full.

We will send you a minimum of one and a maximum of four statements of account each year.  

Important Information on Standing Charges

Please ensure you have enough credit on your meter at all times. It is useful to note that if the meter is left with no credit the standing charge will still be applied. This means the next time you key in a top up; deductions for any standing charge balance will be taken.

What if I am experiencing technical problems?

If you experience any technical problems with your meter please contact ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland directly.

ESB Networks 24 hour Emergency Line: 1850 372 999.

Gas Networks Ireland 24 hour Emergency Line: 1850 20 50 50

What if I am moving home?

If you are moving house, please call 1850 405 405. We would advise to top up smaller amounts prior to any home move. 

How do I contact Energia RE my prepayment meter?

If you have any queries regarding prepayment meters or our Code of Practice, please get in touch.

Send us an online enquiry at

Write to us at Energia, PO Box 12380, Dublin 2


Give us a call on 1850 405 405

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