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What is the Carbon Charge?

The Natural Gas Carbon Tax of €0.0037 per kWh (ex VAT) or €0.0042 (inc VAT) applies to all gas supplied in Ireland from the 1st May 2012. Certain exemptions may apply. The Carbon Tax is in accordance with the EU Energy Tax Directive and Schedule 1 of the Finance Bill 2010.

What is the PSO Levy?

This is the Public Service Obligation levy.This is charged to all electricity customers and relates to the purchase by ESB of electricity generated from renewable, sustainable or alternative forms. The levy is determined by the Commission for Energy Regulation. The PSO levy has been set at €7.69 ex VAT or €8.73 inc VAT per month from 1st October 2017

What Tariffs are available with the Pay As You Go Meter?

The Standard Prepay Tariff is the same as our Standard Tariff. You are not charged anything additional for having a Pay As You Go Meter.

The Repayment Tariff is for customers who have agreed to repay a debt through their prepayment meter. This tariff will take a percentage of the credit purchased toward the debt and put the balance towards the daily standing charge and unit rate per kWh of gas or electricity used. A proportion of the credit purchased will ALWAYS be left for your gas and/or electricity usage.

See our tariffs section for a breakdown of charges. We will notify customers in advance of any changes to our standard rates.

Important: it is advisable to top up your card during the summer months to ensure the daily standing charge does not build up.

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