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Dear customers, please note the Government Electricity Credit will be credited before June 30th. Did you know you can submit a meter readingmake a payment, fill out our online contact form and read our Frequently Asked Questions online? 

Government Electricity Credit FAQs

My electricity bill is included in my rent, will I still get the credit?

For operational reasons the scheme can only credit the domestic electricity account holder. The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications advise as follows:

‘The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications is working with the  Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, and the Residentials Tenancies Board (RTB) to publicise and increase awareness of the Electricity Costs Emergency Benefit Scheme to ensure those in rented accommodation who hold the electricity account receive benefit from the payment. In the event that a dispute should arise, there are existing dispute resolution mechanisms provided by the RTB to landlords and tenants. The RTB encourages parties to engage with its mediation service where agreements are reached in over 70% of cases.’
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