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Dear customers, please note the Government Electricity Credit will be credited before June 30th. Did you know you can submit a meter readingmake a payment, fill out our online contact form and read our Frequently Asked Questions online? 

Government Electricity Credit FAQs

I have a prepay meter, how will I know when I have received the credit?

Prepay customers will be notified by their supplier via an email / text message /or message on the top-up note to advise them that the credit has been applied to their account. Your supplier will issue you with a 40-digit code (or codes) when you vend to redeem the credit. For customers with Lifestyle or Smart prepay meters, the credit will be automatically applied to your top-up or vend after your supplier has activated the credit to your account. There is a small population of older prepayment meters which, due to their age and inbuilt monetary limits, will require the customer to redeem their credit over three separate transactions over the space of a few days.

You must redeem your full credit by 30 June 2022.
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