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Dear customers, please note the Government Electricity Credit will be credited before June 30th. Did you know you can submit a meter readingmake a payment, fill out our online contact form and read our Frequently Asked Questions online? 

Government Electricity Credit FAQs

I pay by Level Pay, how will this impact my monthly payments?

As a Level Pay customer you spread the cost of your bills throughout the year, paying the same amount each month by direct debit. The amount you pay is reviewed at least once each year to ensure that the payments cover your bills. Your monthly payments will continue as normal after the credit is applied, but rest assured the credit will go towards your bills (reducing any account balance you may have).

As part of your account review, we will take the balance on your account into consideration and write to you if your direct debit is changing. The account review takes into consideration the unit rates, your usage and any credit or debit balance on your account.
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