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Meter FAQs

What is a Pre-payment Meter, how can this help me with my account if I am behind in my bills and payments?

A pre-payment meter (PPM) is a great way to budget your account if you are struggling to keep on top of all your household bills. The Payment & Account Resolutions Team can arrange to install a PPM in your home, to help you manage your electricity or gas accounts. Any balance on your account at the time of install will be transferred to your PPM and recovered at 10%. This means each time you top up your PPM 10% will go towards your outstanding balance and 90% towards your usage.

For example, €100 transferred on to PPM at install, you purchase a €10 top up - your balance reduces to €99 (-€1) and €9 credit for on-going usage.

Please note if you live in rented accommodation, we will require permission from your landlord to install a PPM and the team will carry out a few checks to ensure your current meter is compatible for a PPM install.
If you are currently recovering a balance on a repayment option and this is no longer suitable, please call PAR on 0818 642 642 to discuss an alternative arrangement.
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