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Meter FAQs

How does Electricity Prepayment Work?

Buying a top up
  • Bring your Prepayment Card or PPM number to your nearest Payzone outlet and top up with the amount you require. Look for shops with the Payzone sign or log on to Payzone to find your nearest outlet.
  • You can top up any amount from €10 to €100. Just give the shop assistant your card and money and they will process the top-up.
  • You will be given a receipt with a 20-digit code. You will need this when topping up your meter at home. Please note some codes may be longer at times due to changes in tariffs.
Emergency Credit
When your credit reduces to €2 your meter will emit a low-volume warning sound for 2 minutes. Press 0 on your PPM to turn it off.  After you press the button to turn off the warning sound, your meter will allow you to use up to €20.00 of emergency credit. You will need to make sure that your next top up is more than the total amount of emergency credit used.
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