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Dear customers, our contact centre is currently experiencing very high demand and so wait times will be longer than usual. The answers you are looking for may be online. See here for information on the Government Electricity Credit. You can submit a meter reading, make a payment or browse our FAQs

Meter FAQs

How does Gas Prepayment Work?

Installing a prepayment meter
Before installing a prepayment meter in your home, we will work with you to ensure this is the best solution based on your circumstances. You can contact us on 0818 642 642 and we will arrange to have the prepayment meter installed in your home. A Gas Networks Ireland fitter will then install the meter which takes around 45 minutes.

Your fitter/technician will …
  • Install and test the meter to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Show you how to use the meter and explain about your emergency credit.
  • Give you your own gas card which you must put into the meter BEFORE you go to Payzone to buy your first credit.
  • Provide you with all the information you need on your Pay As You Go gas meter. You should note that Pay As You Go gas meters cannot be installed in some apartments or under stairwells.
Please note some customers are protected from having their supply cut off during the winter months.  However, if the credit is not maintained on a prepayment meter, the supply will turn off until a sufficient top up is applied.

Purchasing credit

Please check the opening times of the Payzone outlets where you can buy credit. Credit cannot be bought over the phone or online. You can contact your Gas Supplier for a list of ourlets in your area or log on to Payzone.  
Emergency Credit
If the credit on your meter runs low, you’ll be able to use up to €20 of emergency credit. The next time you top up, 35% of the vend will be used against the emergency credit. E.G. If you used €20 emergency credit and then top up by €10, €3.50 will be used to repay the emergency credit. Please note if you have debt on your meter an additional 10% will also be recovered from your initial vend. If your emergency credit runs out, gas supply terminates until you top up again. 
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